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Super Admin

Super Admins are the highest level of user in a Sertifi portal. A Sertifi Super Admin can sign and send documents for signature and payment or authorization, create Admins, see all files within the portal, and configure the signing experience for clients.

Super Admins can perform the following functions in the Sertifi portal:

  • Adminstrative

    • Update user profile information

    • Add/edit/remove contacts from the Address Book

    • Add/edit/remove signing documents, reference documents, and signature location templates

    • Add/edit/remove admins and users from the portal

    • Search for documents by their FileID

  • Account Settings

    • Update general account settings

    • Configure/Edit Sending Page Defaults

    • Configure/Edit Payment Settings

    • Configure/Edit Real Time Updates

    • Configure/Edit Reminders & Notifications

    • Configure/Edit Security Settings

    • Configure/Edit Email templates

    • Configure integrations

    • Contact Sertifi to enable additional portal settings