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Sertifi Support Site

Getting Started with Sertifi Classic

Logging In

To start your onboarding checklist, log in to your Sertifi portal.

Your portal URL should appear similar to the following:

In some cases, your property may have an ID code in its url, such as

As an example, the Windy City Hotel in downtown Chicago might use

It's a best practice to bookmark the home page for your Sertifi portal for easy access.


You can't log in to your portal by navigating to or by following links to

Creating accounts for your users

Each employee or staff member using your Sertifi portal requires an account. Sertifi has account role types, each with certain permissions to the users assigned to that role.

You can learn more about the various roles in the Sertifi portal in order to determine which roles you should assign to your users.

To create a new user account:

  1. Navigate to Administration > Create Admin in the Sertifi portal.

  2. Enter the email address you want the user to use when accessing Sertifi.

  3. Select the role you want to assign for that user.

  4. Click Create Account for User.

  5. Repeat the process for each user you want to add to the portal.

Adjusting Default Reminders

Default Reminders and Notifications can be configured to automatically send signing reminders to your participants. Navigate to Administration > Account Settings > Default Reminders to configure them according to your preference.

Adjusting Account Settings

Account Settings ensure that your portal is customized and operates the way that you want it to. Navigate to Administration > Account Settings > Account Settings to adjust them according to your preference.

Whitelisting the Sertifi IP addresses for your email server

To ensure you receive all emails sent from Sertifi, you must whitelist the IP addresses given to you by your Customer Success Manager. If you’re unsure of how to whitelist IP addresses, contact your IT department or email service provider.