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Payment Gateways

Your Sertifi portal can be integrated with many leading payment gateways, enabling you to accept payments via credit card and ACH payments, as well as performing pre-authorizations. You also have the option of enabling both credit card payments and ACH payments together, or only offering oen of the two. If both are enabled, you can choose which payment option appears first for your clients, making it intuitive for them to quickly pay online

Credit Card Payments

Sertifi currently offers integrations with the following payment processors:

  • First Data

  • Chase Payment Tech

  • Elavon

  • TSYS

  • Worldpay (Note: Sertifi uses the Express Direct Connect gateway, which is only available for use in the United States)

  • Vantiv

  • Stripe


If you need your portal to connect with a processor that's not currently supported by Sertifi, contact your Customer Success Manager.

When you're onboarded with Sertifi, you'll be set up with a payment gateway provider in order to collect credit card payments. Sertifi offers integrations with the following credit card payment gateways:

  • Shift4 Corporation

  • CyberSource

  • Payeezy (First Data)

  • Planet (formerly 3C)

  • World Pay

  • CardConnect

  • Converge (Elavon)

  • Sertifi Pay

  • FreedomPay


ACH Payments

If you want to accept ACH payments, you can configure Sertifi to provide this payment capability. Using ACH payments, you don't have to worry about incurring additional credit card fees when collecting payments or authorizations from your clients. Sertifi offers integrations with the following ACH payment gateways:

  • Check Commerce


  • U.S. Bank