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As of April 2024, Auditors can now access newly-created Custom Reports by default. However, if an Auditor needs access to an existing Custom Report, they must manually subscribe to the report in order to gain access.

See more about Sertifi Role types.

Your Sertifi portal contains a reporting section so you can gather insights and analytics on your signature documents, user activity, and overall trends amongst the payments or authorizations you collect.

If you use Sertifi e-Signatures, Payments, or eAuthorizations, you can access the following reports:

Additionally, you can request subscriptions to various Sertifi custom reports. These custom reports provide a deeper look into your document data and Sertifi Admin activity. Available reports for subscription include:

To view any of the listed reports, see Custom Reports.


To request a subscription to a custom report, contact support, or your Sertifi Customer Success Manager.

Sertifi recommends subscribing to the Rollup Reports if you manage more than one account, or Sertifi portal, so you can gather metrics across all your portals.

You can also request a custom report, to either create a new report unique to your needs, or to add additional information to a preexisting report. Contact your Customer Success Manager for more information and pricing.