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Setting Up your OPERA Plugin

Before Sertifi can begin setting up your OPERA plugin, you'll need to gather two different sets of information.

Opera Information

Contact your Oracle/OPERA representative for the following information:

  • Destination Type ID – the identification number or code for your destination type. This code is typically PMS.

  • Origin Entity ID – the identification number or code for your origin entity. This code is typically KIOSK.

  • Department Code - the code that determines the trace in Opera. This code routes notifications. As a best practice, Sertifi recommends creating a code like AUTH or SERTIFI to let the front desk know there's a third-party authorization on the reservation.

  • Specials Code - the code you use for the Department code. As a best practice, Sertifi recommends creating a code like AUTH or SERTIFI, similar to your Department Code.

  • Folio Window Number - the number of the window where you want third-party payment information to appear in the Payments screen in Opera. You can make this static or dynamic.

    • Static - specify a folio window; for example, 2. If payment information is already present in folio window 2 it gets overwritten.

    • Dynamic - specify 0 for the folio window to add the payment information in the first available folio window. However, note that if all 8 windows are taken, you'll receive an error.

    • (Optional) Folio Window Number Options – indicate which folio windows you can search. Sertifi recommends using windows 2-8, since the first window is typically reserved for the guests' payment method.

  • Web Service URL - provide the web service URL for your Gregg Turkington account. This should be an external, accessible site. In most cases, the URL will be

  • Card types - the card types you accept and the specific abbreviations you use for each credit card. Sertifi recommends providing all the codes for all the payment types you accept. For example, VS for Visa or AMEX for American Express.

  • Reservation and Reservation Advanced - verify with Opera/OPERA that your Reservation and Reservation Advanced codes are /ows_ws_51/Reservation.asmx and /ows_ws_51/Information.asmx, respectively.

Property Information

This information is likely something you can determine or provide on your own.

  • Global Setting Name – your corporate OPERA settings.

  • Destination Entity ID - the identification number or code for your destination entity. This is usually the hotel code.

  • Hotel Code – your hotel code from the OPERA system.