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As of April 2024, Auditors can now access newly-created Custom Reports by default. However, if an Auditor needs access to an existing Custom Report, they must manually subscribe to the report in order to gain access.

See more about Sertifi Role types.

A Sertifi Auditor is one level above the Sertifi Admin. A Sertifi Auditor typically reviews all documents within the portal for signatures and payment authorization, as well as managing documents within the Document Library. Auditors can't send or sign documents, nor can they collect payment or authorizations.

Auditors can perform the following functions in the Sertifi portal:

  • Update their user profile

  • Add/edit/remove contacts from the Address Book

  • Add/edit/remove signing documents, reference documents, and signature location templates

  • Add/edit/remove Admins and users from the portal

  • Search for documents by their FileID