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eAuthorization File Maintenance

You can perform folder maintenance activities as a Sertifi Admin or higher. Folder maintenance activities include:

  • Review documents awaiting signature and signed documents

  • Review payments

  • Manage and edit participants

  • Perform file maintenance activities

  • Review file details

To view the Folder Maintenance page, navigate to View Files from the home screen of the Sertifi portal. Navigate to the folder you'd like to update, and then click on the folder name.


If you're a Sertifi User, you can't view file maintenance information. If you're a Sertifi Admin, you can only view your own documents, and if you're a Sertifi Auditor, Power Admin, or Super Admin, you can view your all documents and folders in the portal. For more information on viewing files by user type, see the guide to Roles.

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