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There are five Sertifi roles that can access the Sertifi portal, regardless of whether you use Sertifi eSignatures, ePayments, or eAuthorizations.

It's important to understand these different roles, as each role can perform a selected set of functions to ensure that your clients' signing experience goes smoothly, and that documents are maintained in a sustainable and efficient manner.


If you're assigned one of the following Sertifi roles but need more permissions, contact the Sertifi Super Admin for your portal. Only Super Admins can make changes to your permissions or assign you a new role.

Regardless of role level, no user can view payment information by default. All users, including Super Admins, must be added to the appropriate security group in order to view payment information.

The following table shows the default permissions enabled for each role.





Power Admin

Super Admin

Update personal info

Add/remove contacts

Update portal settings, email templates, and signing room experience

Access the Document Library

Search by FileID

View admins

View Users

Create admins/users

Manage security groups

Resend activation link

View their own folders

View other user folders

Bulk send

Add markups

Sign documents

Send documents for signature

Send authorizations

Send payments

View payment information (see note at the top of this page)

Edit sending page defaults