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Send A Folder

If you use Sertifi eSignatures and you're a Sertifi Admin or higher, you can send a folder to participants for signature. A folder contains signature documents, as well as information on all participant and file maintenance activities.


Learn more about Roles in your Sertifi portal.

  1. Navigate to your Sertifi portal.

  2. Click Create New

  3. Complete the following fields:

    • Folder Name, if you are creating a new folder to contain the actions for this signature workflow

    • Date to Auto-Expire, if you would like to set a custom expiration date for the folder. The default expiration date is 30 days after the document is sent.

    • 1st Participant - enter the email address of the participant you want to sign this file, or add them from your portal's address book.

  4. Click Next

  5. On the Configure Sending Actions page, you can upload or add your Signature Document. You can also upload or add Reference Documents that are relevant files to your signature document. Examples of these can include venue maps, menus, or local guides. To add a payment or authorization request to the document, click Add Payments/Authorizations. For more information about sending payment requests, refer to the Next Gen ePayments guide.

  6. When you're finishing uploading your documents,click Next.

  7. On the Review and Send page, you can confirm the email addresses that the document will be sent to, as well as adding an optional message.

  8. If you want to see a preview email before it's sent, you can click Preview email.

  9. If everything looks good to go, click Send Now. Your signature request is complete, and an email notification is sent to your participants.