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Hotel Travel Company Authorizations FAQ

How do hotels sign up for a free Sertifi authorizations portal?

Any hotel may sign up for a free Sertifi authorizations portal using this link.

If you're interested in sending authorization forms and capturing authorized card information directly, please contact our team to sign up for a full-service authorizations portal.

Does the hotel pay to receive card details from a travel or payment company?

No, there is no cost to receive these details. Added benefits include reducing guest friction at time of check-in, decreasing processing time, and receiving the credit card information in a secure, PCI-compliant manner.

How do providers identify hotels that can receive e-Confirmations?

Providers (travel and payment companies) have access to a list of hotels that receive e-Confirmations sent from the /portal endpoint of the API.

The JSON response includes the hotel information saved in the portal at Account Settings > Payment Settings > Payment Form & Receipt Settings and the Property ID from the Integrations > e-Confirmations page.

How is my property notified when new card details are received in our Sertifi portal?

On the portal dashboard, the e-Confirmations icon will show a red triangle with an exclamation mark when there are new e-Confirmations. Learn more in our Getting Started guide.

Sertifi also sends email notifications:

  • When new e-confirmations are received

  • On Sunday evening, providing a summary of the week’s arrivals

  • The evening before arrival date when the payment information in the e-confirmation has not been accessed

What does the Process button do?

The Process button changes the status from Active to Processed. The Process button also clears it from the active queue, but doesn’t charge the card or add it to other systems. Admins should only process an eConfirmation after copying the reservation and credit card information to the PMS.

What do we do if a credit card is declined?

Contact the signer via email or phone. The information is provided in the upper right-hand corner of the eConfirmations record.

My hotel is receiving email or faxes with credit card information from an e-confirmations provider. How can I start receiving eConfirmations?

Contact either your TMC or eConfirmations provider with your Sertifi property ID and ask them to update their database with your preferred communication method as Sertifi e-confirmations via API.

You can find your property ID in your portal at Administration > Integrations > eConfirmations.

Alternatively, you can contact Sertifi Support.

My property is receiving eConfirmations from other providers but not from Conferma. What can I do?

Contact [email protected] to have Sertifi API ID listed as your preferred communication method for receiving credit card payment information.

Conferma is the only eConfirmations provider that has this requirement. For other providers, your property will appear on their respective lists as an eligible recipient of eConfirmations. Please include the Sertifi property ID with your request.

You can find your property ID in your portal by going to Administration > Account Settings > Integrations > eConfirmations.

My hotel is receiving e-Confirmations meant for a different property. What can I do?

Contact the e-Confirmations provider with your Sertifi property ID and ask them to update their records.

You can find the property ID in your portal at Administration > Integrations > e-Confirmations.

Alternatively, you can contact Sertifi Support with the e-Confirmations transaction ID or confirmation number. A Sertifi representative will ask the e-Confirmations provider to update their information.

Does eConfirmations include Advanced Fraud Tools?

Advanced Fraud Tools are not available for eConfirmations. Hotels must determine their own risk tolerance for credit card processing. Virtual credit cards are generated on an as-needed basis with allowable charges specified and other security features.