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Sandbox Release Notes

These release notes only pertain to the Sandbox environment. These updates are not yet released to production environments, and you may still encounter bugs when previewing these features in your sandbox. Sertifi releases bug fixes and enhancements to the Sandbox environment for at least one week before releasing the features into production. During this time frame, you can conduct your own testing of these features and report any issues you experience back to Sertifi.

Additionally, not every feature contained in a sandbox release will automatically appear in the production release at least a week later. If any bugs or other issues are discovered during the sandbox testing period, it can prevent a feature from entering into production. For the latest information about Sertifi production releases, refer to the production release notes for Classic or Next-Gen.

If you have any questions about the sandbox releases or want to inquire about receiving your own Sertifi Sandbox, contact our support team.

Sandbox 0824 (April 2024)

  • When creating a new folder, the Event Date field is now named the Arrival/Event Date field. (ESIG-2714)

  • When creating a new folder, the Event Date field is now named the Arrival/Event Date field. (ESIG-2715)

  • Users attempting to access an expired e-Form are now greeted with a message informing them of the form’s expiration. (AUTH-1614)

  • The Folder Maintenance page can now handle longer names for folder actions, such as the name for a signature document or payment request. (ESIG-2540)

  • Previously, users would encounter an error if attempting to create an admin in a new portal that wasn’t yet configured to use any of the available Sertifi workflows, such as e-Signatures or Payments. This has been fixed; users can now create admins even if a portal doesn’t have a workflow enabled. (ESIG-2693)

  • Previously, if a user was entering text in the search bar and briefly paused, the search results would load and the browser’s focus would shift out of the search box, requiring the user to click back into the search box in order to resume typing a search query. This no longer occurs. (ESIG-2667)

  • A bug fix was applied that enables admins to view payment receipts via the Participant View button, even if they’re not a participant in the folder. (ESIG-2535)

Sandbox 0724 (April 2024)

  • Email addresses listed in both the CC field and Payment Receipts Email List would receive duplicate emails when a payment was received. This has been fixed and no longer occurs (ESIG-2147)

  • Admins can now make Event Dates a required field for the folder creation process, making it so that folders must have an Event Date entered before they can be sent for signature. (ESIG-2676)

  • Previously, a user attempting to update an email address in their Address Book would see the update fail. This has been fixed. (ESIG-1830)

  • The Sign tab now properly disappears after the user has signed the documents. (ESIG-2598)

  • Previously, when a user created a folder through the API and then later removed any CC users from the folder, an email would be sent saying that all required signatures for the folder had been received. This has been fixed and no longer occurs. (ESIG-2656)

  • Previously, available payment methods were not being displayed if the portal didn't have any payment rules configured. This has been fixed; all available payment methods are shown unless otherwise disabled by a portal's admin. (ESIG-2688)

  • Admins can now make Event Dates a required field for the folder creation process, making it so that folders must have an Event Date entered before they can be sent for signature. (ESIG-2697)

  • A bug was causing email previews to behave in unexpected ways. This has been fixed. (ESIG-2706)

  • Error messages would sometimes appear when navigating between different folder workflow sections while a payment was processing. This has been fixed. (ESIG-2710)

Sandbox 0624 (March 2024)

  • By default, Auditors can now view Custom Reports. Previously, the default minimum role required to view custom reports was Power Admin. (ESIG-2675)

  • By default, Auditors can now view Custom Reports. Previously, the default minimum role required to view custom reports was Power Admin. (ESIG-2675)

  • Previously, some admins were able to gain unauthorized access to a Folder Maintenance page via the folder’s URL. This has been fixed. (ESIG-2659)

  • Previously, the name of a folder in Folder Maintenance would randomly disappear from view. This has been fixed. (AUTH-1657)s

Sandbox 0524 (March 2024)

  • Admins can now request that Stripe collects all required onboarding documents when configuring a portal to use Sertifi Pay. (PAY-3600)

  • In Next-Gen, users can now directly copy a folder’s URL from the Folder Maintenance page. To access this feature, click on the More Actions button next to the Archive Folder/Delete Folder button and select Copy Folder URL. (ESIG-2654)

  • In Next-Gen Authorizations, admins can now immediately see if a folder’s workflow has been started but not completely finished. This is indicated by the presence of a red triangle next to the folder name. This feature only applies to folders in Pending status.

  • Previously, clicking the clone/refund payment buttons would in turn create a duplicate of the cloned or refunded payment. This has been fixed. (ESIG-2652)

Sandbox 0424 (February 2024)

  • The Next Gen UI now properly indicates if a document has been removed from access and archived offline. (ESIG-2523, ESIG-2525)

  • Previously, an existing participant’s assigned participant level would change when a new participant was added to the folder, and subsequently cause errors that would block the completion of the workflow. This has been fixed and no longer occurs. (ESIG-2387)

Sandbox 0324 (January 2024)

  • UI updates have been applied to explain why an admin can't see a payment in a folder if the payment hasn't yet been submitted. (ESIG-2537)

  • The Refund Payment and Clone Payment windows have been updated to better match other function windows in Next Gen. (ESIG-2543, ESIG-2579)

Sandbox 0224 (January 2024)

  • The Resend Link page has been redesigned for greater usability on mobile devices. (ESIG-2504)

  • A new version of Sertifi batch settlement reports has been released, including fixes for bugs that caused errors or incorrect values in batch settlement dates, batch settlement amounts, refund amounts, and ACH fees. (PAY-3472, PAY-3518)

  • For portals using consolidated signing, a bug was causing documents to appear to some participants even if the document had been deleted by the folder owner. This has been fixed and no longer occurs. (ESIG-2373)

  • Minor UI updates have been applied to the Next Gen signing page. (ESIG-2516)

Sandbox 2423 (December 2023)

  • Previously, read receipt emails were being sent to folder owners each time they viewed signed documents in their portal. This has been fixed and no longer occurs. (ESIG-2044)

  • If an Additional Input Field was enabled, but left blank, in Default Sending Options, a user would receive multiple error messages. This has been fixed. (ESIG-2376)

  • Occasionally, when a new participant was added to a folder, they would receive an invitation email even if they hadn't been assigned a task to complete. This has been fixed and no longer occurs. (ESIG-2389)

  • Folder owners would sometimes receive a "Signature Received" notification email after unassigning a participant from a task. This no longer occurs. (ESIG-2439)

  • An authorization request record would remain in the Pending status even if the authorization was removed after all participants had completed their tasks. This has been fixed; authorization records now display the proper status in this situation. (AUTH-1199)

  • If one participant had completed their requested actions, and a different participant hadn't completed their actions but was subsequently removed from the folder, the authorization request record would nevertheless remain in the Pending status. This has been fixed; the authorization record now defaults to the Needs Attention status in this situation. (AUTH-1339)

  • Available folder actions were sometimes incorrect, depending on if the folder contain a payment, an authorization request, or both. This has been fixed. (AUTH-1391)

  • Wording updates have been applied to more clearly describe what regular admins can see on the View Authorizations page if Travel Company Authorizations are available in the portal. (AUTH-1446)

  • A bug would cause the Link To dropdown to be available in situations where it should be disabled. This has been fixed. (AUTH-1461)

  • The Folder Activity window has been updated to make a record for when admins unmask credit card details from an eForm in the expanded View Authorizations window. (AUTH-1494)

  • January 2024 was previously not appearing in the portal's calendar window. This has been fixed. (AUTH-1519)

Sandbox 2323 (November 2023)

  • When sorting payments using the Payments Received column, users would sometimes see their payments sorted according to the day the payment was created. This has been fixed and no longer occurs. (ESIG-2349)

  • Previously, a bug would cause documents to displayed with an incorrect status in the push notification queue. This has been fixed and no longer occurs (ESIG-2380)

  • In the View Folders page, some folders were being marked as Partially Signed even if their signature documents had been fully signed. This has been fixed. (ESIG-2377)

  • Previously, a bug would sometimes result in a participant upload request being required, even if it was left as optional by the folder owner. This would subsequently prevent participants from completing a signing workflow without uploading something to the folder, which could cause confusion or frustration. This has been fixed and no longer occurs; a participant upload will only be required if explicitly marked as such. (ESIG-2345)

  • If an error occurred when accessing a payment, sometimes a user would be stuck on a blank window with no indication on how to proceed. This has been fixed; an error message now appears if one occurs when accessing a payment. (ESIG-2335)

  • UI updates have been applied so that text in text fields is easier to read on mobile devices. However, some users have also reported this issue being resolved by updating their devices to the latest version of their mobile device's operating system. (ESIG-2171)

Sandbox 2223 (November 2023)

  • When searching in View Files, the presence of an apostrophe in an email address would result in an error. This has been fixed. (ESIG-2341)

  • Grammar updates have been applied to certain texts in the portal. (ESIG-2347, ESIG-2363)

  • Wording updates were applied to the welcome message modal for eAuthorizations (AUTH-1458)

  • Previously, deleting a guest while signing an eForm would result in a 400 error. This no longer occurs. (AUTH-1312)

  • The record status of an eForm with a single guest was not properly updating when processed through the folder maintenance page. This has been fixed. (AUTH-1254)

  • The Resend Invitations button would sometimes be disabled if the first participant had signed the folder's eForm. This has been fixed and no longer occurs. (AUTH-1218)

  • If an admin added a new first level participant to a folder, the new participant would sometimes be displayed with a time and date in the Last Invited field, even if they hadn't been sent an invitation to complete a task. This has been fixed. (ESIG-2075)

  • When opening the Tasks page from the dashboard, some users reported receiving a 500 error. This was caused by a server error that has since been fixed. (ESIG-2139)

  • For usability purposes, some icons were removed from the View Document page when viewing reference documents. (ESIG-2357)

Sandbox 2123 (October 2023)

  • Previously, the Payments Received column in View Folders would not always display an accurate count of payments received. This has been fixed. (ESIG-1928)

  • Admins can now enable a checkbox for acknowledgment on participant uploads. This lets admins require their users to confirm that they are uploading documents to the folder, and that they understand uploads are permanent and irrevocable. (ESIG-2234)

  • Folders can no longer be deleted if they contain a payment in the Processing status. (ESIG-2263)

  • A user would sometimes access a folder containing an expired signature document with a linked payment; as the document was expired, they would be directed to the payment request with no instructions on how to proceed. This no longer occurs; if a user accesses a folder with an expired document, they are immediately directed to the document so they can see it is expired and unable to be signed. (ESIG-2298)

  • Previously, clicking Resend Receipt in a folder with a payment in the Error status would trigger an email to folder owner saying that a payment had been authorized. This has been fixed and no longer occurs. (ESIG-2301)

  • External ID fields, when enabled in Sending Page Defaults, were not appearing in their workflows. This has been fixed. (AUTH-716)

  • UI updates and improvements have been made for the View Authorizations page. (AUTH-1429)

  • Previously, eForms would sometimes fail to push to Opera due to an error in the Arrival Date, even if the date itself was correct. This has been fixed and no longer occurs. (AUTH-1430)

Sandbox 2023 (October 2023)

  • Previously, the date stamp on the signing page for a folder was editable. This has been fixed; the date stamp is no longer editable. (ESIG-2275)

Sandbox 1923 (September 2023)

  • Minor UI improvements have been applied to the Add Payment function (ESIG-2227)

  • The Resend Invitations function has been renamed to Send Invitations. (ESIG-2269)

Sandbox 1723 (August 2023)

  • If a document containing an embedded signer tag is uploaded, then an accompanying participant upload task will be automatically created for the document. (ESIG-2122)

  • Some aspects of the portal navigation UI have been updated for clarity and ease of use. (AUTH-1177)

  • It's no longer possible to unlink payment details from an authorization or eForm. (AUTH-1202)

  • In the Resend Invitations window, the Send message button would sometimes appear as active despite no participants being checked, or marked to receive a new invitation. This has been fixed and no longer occurs. (AUTH-1337)

Sandbox 1623 (August 2023)

  • SertifiPay now supports data collection for Level 2 and Level 3. (PAY-2956)

  • Various bugs were causing metrics to be reported incorrectly, including metrics for Payments Expiring and Documents About to Expire. These have been fixed. (ESIG-2144, ESIG-2066)

Sandbox 1523 (July 2023)

  • It's no longer possible for a user to process deleted ACH transactions in Sertifi Classic. (PAY-3156)

  • Previously, authorizations would display an incorrect status if a 3DS verification had succeeded despite a tokenization failure. This no longer occurs. (PAY-3159)

  • Sertifi Pay now automatically declines transactions from a card that's failed an AVS check. (PAY-3129)

  • The card number validation library has been updated. (PAY-1617)

  • Occasionally, a cloned payment would fail to process in the Elavon gateway. This has been fixed. (PAY-3095)

  • Previously, if a signature tag was assigned to a participant, and that participant was later removed, the presence of the signature tag would in turn cause the document to fail to load for other participants. This has been fixed and no longer occurs. (ESIG-2085)

Next Gen
  • Certain metrics were being inaccurately reported with the previous day's metrics; this has been fixed. (ESIG-2065, 2067)

  • A bug was causing the Add another role button to sometimes become unclickable. This has been fixed. (ESIG-2089)

  • A bug resulted in users being unable to alter a participant's assigned tasks if the document was only assigned to 2nd-level participants. This has been fixed. (ESIG-2090)

Sandbox 1423 (July 2023)

  • The splash image on the login screen has been updated. (ESIG-889)

  • The first and last name fields on the ACH form for Stripe have been combined; now there is only a single field for First/Last or Business Name. (PAY-3104)

Next Gen
  • Admins can now assign participants to a particular document, or multiple documents, from the Folder Maintenance window. This will allow admins to add new documents to the folder after it's been sent for signature, or assign existing documents to new participants in case a previous participant is no longer able or willing to sign a document. (ESIG-1838).

    To access this feature, click the ellipsis icon under More Actions to the right of the document name, and then click Assign Participants.

  • In portals not configured to use the consolidated signing feature, a bug would sometimes cause signature stamps to disappear on partially-signed documents. This has been fixed. (ESIG-2043)

  • Admins can now submit ideas and suggestions for Sertifi via the Sertifi Ideas Portal, which is linked on the front page of the dashboard. (ESIG-2061)

  • UI/UX updates, including menu revisions and hover state improvements, have been made to increase accessibility and ease of use. (ESIG-2064)

  • When sending an authorization via adding an authorization request to a signature document, admins can now use View Payment Information in Folder Maintenance to see details about the authorization after the request is sent. (AUTH-1275)

Sandbox 0423 (March 2023)

  • Users can add their first and last name to an ACH payment. (PAY-2567)

  • Stripe reports now include "available on" data in reporting. (PAY-2643)

  • A bug fix was applied to; the bug was preventing approval numbers from appearing in the Payment Received notification email. (PAY-2661)

Sandbox 20222803

Agreements Platform (eSignatures, ePayments)
  • Sertifi Next Gen – Previously, a two-minute warning for a logout due to inactivity would appear after 17 minutes, when it should have been appearing after 13 minutes of inactivity. This has been fixed; a two-minute warning now appears after an admin has been idle for 13 minutes. (ESIG-561)

  • Sertifi Next Gen – A UI update has been applied that moves the Create Bulk Send feature to the main menu bar of the portal. (ESIG-890)

  • Sertifi Next Gen – Admins can now sort and view folders according to 1st participants and/or folder owners. (ESIG-911)

  • Sertifi Next Gen – Users would sometimes receive a null property error when changing the expiration date of a folder. This has been fixed and no longer occurs. (ESIG-918)

  • Sertifi Next Gen – The Payments Received column was missing from the View Folders page. This has been fixed. (ESIG-969)

  • Sertifi Next Gen – Wording updates have been applied to the portal; "Send Request" has been changed to "Send Authorization" (ESIG-970)

  • Sertifi Next Gen – Admins would sometimes receive a 500 error if they performed a search for a folder and no relevant folders were found. This has been fixed. (ESIG-981)

  • Sertifi Next Gen – If a participant's email address was particularly long, it would sometimes bleed outside of the email field and obsucre the "Last Accessed field". This no longer occurs. (ESIG-984)