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Sandbox Release Notes

These release notes only pertain to the Sandbox environment. These updates are not yet released to production environments, and you may still encounter bugs when previewing these features in your sandbox. Sertifi releases bug fixes and enhancements to the Sandbox environment for at least one week before releasing the features into production. During this time frame, you can conduct your own testing of these features and report any issues you experience back to Sertifi.

Additionally, not every feature contained in a sandbox release will automatically appear in the production release at least a week later. If any bugs or other issues are discovered during the sandbox testing period, it can prevent a feature from entering into production. For the latest information about Sertifi production releases, see Release Notes.

If you have any questions about the sandbox releases or want to inquire about receiving your own Sertifi Sandbox, send an email to [email protected].


This page contains information for all releases beginning after March 2022. For earlier releases, refer to the Sertifi Classic Support site.


Some features and enhancements are specific to customers who are already using Sertifi's Next Generation user interface - these updates are prefaced with Sertifi Next Gen. Sertifi anticipates rolling out Next Gen to more customers over the course of 2022.

Sandbox March 2023

  • Users can add their first and last name to an ACH payment. (PAY-2567)

  • Stripe reports now include "available on" data in reporting. (PAY-2643)

  • A bug fix was applied to; the bug was preventing approval numbers from appearing in the Payment Received notification email. (PAY-2661)

Sandbox 20222803

Agreements Platform (eSignatures, ePayments)
  • Sertifi Next Gen – Previously, a two-minute warning for a logout due to inactivity would appear after 17 minutes, when it should have been appearing after 13 minutes of inactivity. This has been fixed; a two-minute warning now appears after an admin has been idle for 13 minutes. (ESIG-561)

  • Sertifi Next Gen – A UI update has been applied that moves the Create Bulk Send feature to the main menu bar of the portal. (ESIG-890)

  • Sertifi Next Gen – Admins can now sort and view folders according to 1st participants and/or folder owners. (ESIG-911)

  • Sertifi Next Gen – Users would sometimes receive a null property error when changing the expiration date of a folder. This has been fixed and no longer occurs. (ESIG-918)

  • Sertifi Next Gen – The Payments Received column was missing from the View Folders page. This has been fixed. (ESIG-969)

  • Sertifi Next Gen – Wording updates have been applied to the portal; "Send Request" has been changed to "Send Authorization" (ESIG-970)

  • Sertifi Next Gen – Admins would sometimes receive a 500 error if they performed a search for a folder and no relevant folders were found. This has been fixed. (ESIG-981)

  • Sertifi Next Gen – If a participant's email address was particularly long, it would sometimes bleed outside of the email field and obsucre the "Last Accessed field". This no longer occurs. (ESIG-984)