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Configure and Edit Security Settings

If you're a Sertifi Super Admin for your portal, you can update and make changes to the following security settings:

  • Security Groups

  • Viewing Payment Information

  • Creating security groups

  • Restrict Access to Site by IP Address

You can access these account settings through the portal by clicking Administration > Account Settings > Security Settings.

Security Groups

By default, your Sertifi portal is pre-populated with four built-in security groups:

  • Role: Admin

  • Role: Auditor

  • Role: Power Admin

  • Role: Super Admin

These groups contain the standard security settings for each of the user types for the Sertifi Portal.

Viewing payment information

You can choose to either create a separate security group, outside of the built-in role groups, or add the ability to view payment information to a preexisting group. By default, no users created in the Sertifi portal can view payment and/or authorization information, regardless of their role type . In most cases, only Sertifi Power Admin+ roles are granted this privilege.

Creating security groups

As a Super Admin, you can create custom security groups for your portal and add users to it. For example, if you want to make a security group that prohibits users from inviting participants, you could create a security group called No Participant Invitations, and assign users of any user level to that group. Once the user is assigned to the group, they can't invite participants to any signing documents. The users you assign to the group don't see which security groups they're assigned to.

To create a security group:

  1. Navigate to Administration > Account Settings > Security Settings.

  2. Click Add Group in the Security Groups section.

  3. Enter a name for your group. For example, No Participant Invitations.

  4. Click Create. The new security group is automatically added to the Security groups list.

  5. Click the pencil icon ICN_Edit.png next to the name of your new security group. The Group Permissions screen appears.

Adding users to security groups

To add users to a security group:

  1. Click the person icon ICN_AddMember.pngnext to the name of the security group. The Group Members screen appears.

  2. Click Add Member.

  3. Enter the email of the user you want to add to the group. Ensure you use the same email address that your user uses to access the portal.

  4. Click Add.


While you can't add and remove members from the built-in security groups, you can change the permissions of these security groups if needed.

Restricting Access to Site by IP Address

You can choose whether or not to restrict access to your Sertifi portal by IP Address. If you choose to enable this, only users using a computer with the IP address you enter can access your portal. Rather than creating IP restrictions in this section, you create Allowed IP Addresses, which means that only the IP addresses you enter as allowed can access your portal.

If you want to turn this functionality off, click Off next to the section title.

To add an allowed IP address:

  1. Enter a name of description of the IP address you want to allow.

  2. Enter the IP address. You can also enter a range of IP addresses by using a hyphen, without spaces. For example: 98.76.543.210-215.

  3. Click the ICN_Add.png checkmark to save, or the ICN_Delete.png x button to delete.

  4. Toggle On or Off to activate or deactivate the list of IP addresses.

Remote employees

If you have employees who are remote, working from home, or working from a different location outside of the IP range you specify, those users may receive an Unable to login from this location error upon attempting to log in. If your users run into this issue, but still need access to the Sertifi portal outside of the established IP ranges, perform the following update:

  1. Instruct the user receiving the error to locate their IP address. They can do this by entering "what's my IP address?" into Google.

  2. Instruct the user to send their IP address to you, as the Sertifi Super Admin.

  3. Send a support ticket to Sertifi requesting the IP address be added to your restricted list.

  4. Receive confirmation from Sertifi, and instruct your user to attempt logging in again.