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Sertifi Data Tags

Sertifi Data Tags will enable electronic fields on your custom documents to collect information from your signers and payers. These Tags can be used to collect signatures, initials, date, time, billing instructions, and required policy acknowledgements without requiring you to manually update your documents every time you send a request.

Data tags are added onto a Word or PDF documents in a special format that's compatible with the Sertifi system, which then reads the data tags which become electronic fields after uploading as a signature document during the sending process.  These will appear to your signers and payers.

Add Sertifi Data Tags to your contract template and save the updated template to your sales system. Every contract generated moving forward will contain the Sertifi Data Tags.

To keep it simple, Sertifi suggests using the Signature templates which contain premade data tags you can easily copy and paste onto contract template(s).