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Document Library

You can include signature forms, reference documents, or signature location templates when you send a folder for your clients to sign.

  • Signature forms can include an actual contract with a dedicated space for client signature, or an authorization form that requires a signature. You can add frequently used signature documents as templates to your Document Library to quickly and easily include the signature documents in your file. It's a best practice to only include signature documents in the Document Library that are frequently used and don't require much customization.

  • Reference documents typically supplement the your signature forms or authorization forms in some way. These documents can be instructions for signing the signature document, or other information like venue maps and catering menus.

  • You can create signature location templates for frequently used, but not editable, documents. For instance, if you have a scanned copy of a form that requires signature or other information from your clients, but are unable to edit the form with a PDF editor, you can create it as a signature location template.


If you're sending documents that contain confidential information, you should attach them when you send the files for signature, as opposed to adding them to the Document Library.


When documents are sent via Sertifi, each page of the document receives a DocumentID stamp in the lower-left hand corner of the page to indicate that the document was processed via the Sertifi system.


You must be a Sertifi Admin+ to add signature location templates to the Document Library. In order to have access to signature location templates, you must contact your Customer Success Manager.

Adding Signature Documents to Your Document Library

In the Signature Documents section, you can upload and manage frequently used documents and forms to send for signature.

To upload a Signature Document:

  1. Navigate to Administration > Document Library.

  2. Click Signature Documents.

  3. Click Upload. The Upload window opens.

  4. Enter a title for the document.

  5. Click Choose File, and then navigate to the Signature document you want to upload.

  6. Click Upload. The Signature Document is added to your library.

  7. Click Share/Private to make your document accessible to other members of your portal.