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Sending Quotes for Signature with Salesforce Lightning

Once you install and configure Sertifi for Salesforce Lightning you can send your quotes for signature.


This workflow example assumes that you enabled Sertifi for Salesforce Lightning on the Quotes object and completed your field configuration for the sending wizard using the Data Mapping Lightning Component.

To send quotes for signature:

  1. Navigate to the Quotes tab.

  2. Click the name of the quote you want to send for signature.

  3. Click Send to Sertifi for Signature. The Sertifi Sending Wizard opens.

  4. Verify that your pre-populated fields are correct. If any information seems inaccurate, double-check your mappings. For more information, refer to Configuring the Data Mapping Lightning component.

  5. Optional – Enter an email message to appear in the email sent to your signer with the quote.

  6. Optional – Select an expiration date for when the quote should expire.

  7. Optional – Select an event date for the quote.

  8. Optional – Add your signers, if not already prepopulated:

    • Add a signer from Contact if your signer is already a contact in your Salesforce org.

    • Add a signer as Email Address if your signer isn't already a contact in your Salesforce org.

  9. Click Add Participant.

  10. Optional – Select the next level signer (from 2 - 10) from the dropdown, and enter in all the participants you need. You can add multiple participants at each signer level, so if you need two 1st-level signers, you can add them both as 1st signer.


    If you add multiple signer levels to your folder, note that each signer level can't sign the document until the signers before them complete the process. For example, all 2nd-level signers can't sign a document until all 1st-level signers sign and submit the document.

  11. Optional – Select Carbon Copy from the dropdown to add a Carbon Copy recipient to the file.

  12. Click Next.

  13. Optional – Click Preview/Prefill Document to review the quote and signature fields.

  14. Optional – Add additional documents to your quote by clicking Choose File. Files must be 4MB or smaller.

  15. Click Send for Signature. Your quote is sent to your signers for review and signature.