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Sertifi Classic Release Notes

This article contains summaries of the bug fixes, feature enhancements, and new features for the Sertifi releases.

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This page contains information for all releases beginning after March 2022. For earlier releases, refer to the Sertifi Classic Support site.

Version 00.05.11 (June 2024)

  • As with Sertifi Next-Gen, eConfirmations have been now renamed to Travel Company Authorizations. If your portal receives an authorization sent from a travel provider, its source will be listed as a Travel Company Authorization. (AUTH-1522)

  • The eConfirmations product name has been removed from all email templates. (AUTH-1525)

  • Field validation is now performed when a participant is entering their credit card information on the payment form. (AUTH-1748)

Version 00.05.10 (May 2024)

This release contains bug fixes and performance improvements.

Version 00.05.09 (May 2024)

  • In Sertifi Classic and Next-Gen, the ACH payment option would sometimes appear even if it wasn’t available due to an existing payment rule. This has been fixed and no longer occurs. (PAY-3743)

Version 00.05.08 (April 2024)

  • When creating a new folder, the Event Date field is now named the Arrival/Event Date field. (ESIG-2714)

Version 00.05.07 (April 2024)

  • Email addresses listed in both the CC field and Payment Receipts Email List would receive duplicate emails when a payment was received. This has been fixed and no longer occurs (ESIG-2147)

  • Admins can now make Event Dates a required field for the folder creation process, making it so that folders must have an Event Date entered before they can be sent for signature. (ESIG-2676)

Version 00.05.06 (April 2024)

  • By default, Auditors can now view Custom Reports. Previously, the default minimum role required to view custom reports was Power Admin. (ESIG-2675)

Version 00.05.05 (February 2024)

  • Admins can now request that Stripe collects all required onboarding documents when configuring a portal to use Sertifi Pay. (PAY-3600)

Version 00.05.04 (February 2024)

This release contains bug fixes and performance improvements.

Version 00.05.03 (February 2024)

This release contains bug fixes and performance improvements.

Version 00.05.02 (January 2024)

  • The Resend Link page has been redesigned for greater usability on mobile devices. (ESIG-2504)

  • A new version of Sertifi batch settlement reports has been released, including fixes for bugs that caused errors or incorrect values in batch settlement dates, batch settlement amounts, refund amounts, and ACH fees. (PAY-3472, PAY-3518)

Version 00.05.01 (January 2024)

This release contains bug fixes and performance improvements.

Version 00.04.25 (December 2023)

This release contains bug fixes and performance improvements.

Version 00.04.24 (December 2023)

This release contains bug fixes and performance improvements.

Version 00.04.23 (November 2023)

  • When sorting payments using the Payments Received column, users would sometimes see their payments sorted according to the day the payment was created. This has been fixed and no longer occurs. (ESIG-2349)

  • Previously, a bug would cause documents to displayed with an incorrect status in the push notification queue. This has been fixed and no longer occurs (ESIG-2380)

Version 00.04.22 (November 2023)

  • When searching in View Files, the presence of an apostrophe in an email address would result in an error. This has been fixed. (ESIG-2341)

  • Grammar updates have been applied to certain texts in the portal. (ESIG-2347, ESIG-2363)

Version 00.04.21 (October 2023)

This release contains bug fixes and performance improvements.

Version 00.04.20 (October 2023)

This release contains bug fixes and performance improvements.

Version 00.04.19 (September 2023)

This release contains bug fixes and performance improvements.

Version 00.04.18 (September 2023)

This release contains bug fixes and performance improvements.

Version 00.04.17 (September 2023)

  • In Sertifi Pay, Elavon now indicates if a payment was declined because of insufficient funds. (PAY-2291)

Version 00.04.15 (August 2023)

  • It's no longer possible for a user to process deleted ACH transactions in Sertifi Classic. (PAY-3156)

  • Previously, authorizations would display an incorrect status if a 3DS verification had succeeded despite a tokenization failure. This no longer occurs. (PAY-3159)

  • Sertifi Pay now automatically declines transactions from a card that's failed an AVS check. (PAY-3129)

  • The card number validation library has been updated. (PAY-1617)

  • Occasionally, a cloned payment would fail to process in the Elavon gateway. This has been fixed. (PAY-3095)

  • Previously, if a signature tag was assigned to a participant, and that participant was later removed, the presence of the signature tag would in turn cause the document to fail to load for other participants. This has been fixed and no longer occurs. (ESIG-2085)

Version 00.04.14 (July 2023)

  • The splash image on the login screen has been updated. (ESIG-889)

  • The first and last name fields on the ACH form for Stripe have been combined; now there is only a single field for First/Last or Business Name. (PAY-3104)

Version 00.04.11 (June 2023)

  • Email addresses with accented characters (é, ä, etc) are now supported. (ESIG-1783)

  • When creating new admins, an existing admin can add the new admin to a particular security group at the same time. (ESIG-1930)

  • Email notifications for ACH payment processing updates will now contain the payer's name. Previously, only the payer's email address was displayed. (ESIG-1952)

Version 00.04.10 (May 2023)

  • Super Admins can now determine which workflows an Admin can access (Agreements, Authorizations, or All). (ESIG-1927)

Version 00.04.05 (March 2023)

  • GET calls in the eConfirmations API were timing out if the perPage path parameter was set to 1000 or more. This no longer occurs. (ESIG-1792)

  • The InviteNextSigners call in the Next Gen API was previously failing to invite signers at the requested signing level, or inviting signers who were ultimately unable to sign the document. This has been fixed. (ESIG-1817)

Version 00.04.04 (March 2023)

  • Additional Input Fields would sometimes not appear in Folder Maintenance if they were enabled, but not used or filled out, during the folder sending process. This has been fixed. (ESIG-1728)

  • Previously, admins were able to request payments equal to or greater than $1 million USD; this is no longer possible. (ESIG-1774)

  • The setting for Can Delete Folders wasn't functioning properly in custom Security Groups, leading to instances where an admin could delete a folder even if they didn't have permission to do so. (ESIG-1786)

Version 00.04.03 (February 2023)

  • For users in Security Groups, Super Admins can now enable or disable the ability to delete folders. (ESIG-1709)

  • For fields where date is entered, the cursive font has been updated to be larger and more readable. (ESIG-1732)

  • Admins now receive a warning message if they attempt to remove a folder participant who has been assigned a payment. (ESIG-1748)

Version 00.04.02 (January 2023)

  • Portal logos would occasionally not appear when viewing emails in Microsoft Outlook. This has been fixed. (ESIG-1613)

  • In Microsoft Outlook, emails from portals would be marked as having attachments despite not actually having any. This no longer occurs. (ESIG-1686)

  • Documents in folders containing 10 or more participants sometimes had text overruns, or text running off the page to the point where it was unreadable. This has been fixed. (ESIG-1509)

Version 00.04.01 (January 2023)

  • The Last Invited date now properly updates when reminder emails are sent. (ESIG-1602)

  • Users now receive a notification if they attempt to upload an unsupported RTF file for conversion to PDF. (ESIG-1564)

  • The search feature now properly returns all possible results when searching by "Signer Email Contains"; previously, only exact matches were being returned. (ESIG-1618)

  • Portal Experience settings are now only available to Master-level users. (ESIG-1632)

  • Signed documents now allow for the display of non-Latin alphabet characters (ESIG-1166).

Version 0.03.25 (December 2022)

  • Occasionally, signer data would not appear on signed documents. This has been fixed. (ESIG-1615)

  • External IDs for documents would sometimes not populate for pre-filled documents; this has been fixed. (ESIG-1191)

Version 0.03.23 (November 2022)

  • The link to Sertifi’s Consumer Disclosure now works properly. (ESIG-1401)

  • The Sertifi logo and email address in templates have been updated. (ESIG-1405)

  • Previously, users could add participants to a folder that had been archived. This is no longer possible. (ESIG-1510)

Version 0.03.22 (November 2022)

  • The Sertifi logo in the footer of the application page has been updated to reflect the current logo. (ESIG-1399)

  • Previously, the landing page that would appear after a signer had finished signing the document contained a non-functional link for printing the documents. This has been fixed. (ESIG-1299)

Version 0.03.20 (October 2022)


Through a combination of system maintance and critical upgrades, Sertifi has retained its PCI Level 1 Compliance for the following year. Our new Attestation of Compliance can be seen here.

  • Stripe 3DS is now up and running for SertifiPay and Stripe Standard Connect.

Version 0.03.19 (October 2022)


The Sertifi platform was updated with various bug fixes and performance improvments.

Version 0.03.18 (September 2022)

  • Payments processed by FreedomPay now work properly within the 3DS workflow. (PAY-2120)

Version 0.03.17 (September 2022)

  • Stripe users would sometimes receive duplicate notification emails when processing a payment, leading some to think that payments had been double-charged. This has been fixed. (PAY-2123)

  • Stripe payment descriptions are now automatically generated with more descriptive information, including the portal’s name, folder name, and payment name. (PAY-2084)

  • MerchantLink now supports $0 authorization tests. (PAY-2118)

Version 0.03.15 (August 2022)

  • Error messaging has been updated and clarified in the Freedompay integration. (PAY-2051)

  • Error messaging has been updated and clarified in the Card Connect integration. (PAY-2052)

  • Previously, folders with password protection would sometimes fail to encrypt the password when being saved, which would then cause a database error when a backend server was expecting an ecrypted password. This longer occurs. (ESIG-1294)

  • Timezone offsets in the Payment Due Date field now function correctly. (ESIG-1307)

Version 0.03.14 (July 2022)

  • PDFTron no longer randomly changes document fonts when converting Word files. (ESIG-1175)

  • Users can no longer enter payment due dates that have already passed (ESIG-1172, ESIG-1159)

  • When re-arranging actions in the Configure Sending Actions window, the selected action would expand into a new window, making it more difficult to move. This no longer occurs. (ESIG-1263)

  • Stripe webhook processing has been added; users can now see if a payment was successful or not even if the customer closes their browser window while the payment is processing. (PAY-1931)

Version 0.03.13 (July 2022)

  • In Sertifi Data Fields, some PDF processors would encounter errors if a text field used an inconsistent font size. This has been fixed. (ESIG-1088)

  • Some password-protected PDF documents would appear as blank upon opening. This has been fixed. (ESIG-1264)

  • Previously, custom reminders about payments would be sent, even if the payment had already been refunded or declined. This no longer occurs. (PAY-1760)

Version 0.03.12 (June 2022)

  • Folders containing only payments (but no signature documents) would sometimes be prohibited from being resent to participants. This has been fixed; users can now resend folders to participants as necessary. (ESIG-1160)

Version 0.03.09 (June 2022)

  • Some users reported being unable to sign embedded authorization forms due to missing information in the payment authorization field. This was a caused by a bug that has since been fixed. (PAY-1855)

  • In Stripe, refunds that were successful were sometimes marked as either failed, or still pending. This has been fixed. (PAY-1799)

Version 0.03.07 (May 2022)

  • Stripe now properly applies any needed foreign exchange (FX) fees. (PAY-1797)

  • When using Elavon for credit card payments, users now receive a more descriptive error message if a payer’s last name exceeds the 30-character limit. (PAY-1677)

  • Card Connect now correctly displays information regarding whether or not a payment was successful. (PAY-1759)

  • In FreedomPay, if a merchant is not allowed to process a particular transaction, the user will receive a notification of the card being declined by the card processor. (PAY-1784)

  • When uploading multiple documents, users now see error messages only for documents that failed to upload properly. (ESIG-289)

  • When clicking on the Documents Requiring Your Signature, users are now taken to the Tasks tab, where they can complete the necessary actions for the signature document. (ESIG-1072)