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Formatting OPERA documents

To ensure that your Sertifi plugin properly functions and that the correct information appears in OPERA from your authorization documents, you must apply fields to the PDF documents you send for authorizations.

There are three categories of the PDF fields: Guest fields, Charge Type fields, and Other fields. When you add these fields to your documents, the fields collect the guest information to verify the guest and reservation information in OPERA.


The Charge Type fields automatically populate in OPERA when used in documents.

The following is a list of the various fields you can add to your documents for each field category:

  • Guest and booking information

    • Guest Last Name

    • Guest First Name

    • Confirmation Number

    • Arrival Date

  • Charge type information

    • All Charges

    • Room & Tax

    • Parking

    • Food & Beverage

    • Guest Amenity

    • Banquet Charge

  • Additional Information

    • Other

    • Comments

To add PDF fields to your authorization documents:

  1. Open your document in Adobe Acrobat.

  2. Click Tools.

  3. Click Prepare Form under Forms & Signatures.

  4. Add a Text Field over the areas where you want your guests to input their information.

  5. Enter the appropriate field name from the PDF fields table. Note that you must format the fields exactly as they appear in the table.

  6. Save your document.

  7. Upload your document as a signature document to your Document Library in the Sertifi portal.

PDF Fields

Use the following PDF fields to input into your authorization documents. Sequence number refers to the number of the last name, first name, confirmation number, and arrival date. Each field requires a double underscore (which appears as __) between Resv and the sequence number.

Note that the sequence number follows each field that’s related to the corresponding guest. For example, if three guests appear on the form, the first guest would be ResvLastName_001 and ResvFirstName_001. Continuing on, the second guest would be ResvLastName_002, and you would enter 002 for first name, last name, confirmation number, and arrival date as the Sequence Number. This groups the four guest-specific fields as one reservation.


The only charge types supported by the Sertifi integration supports are listed in this table. If you need to use another charge type (for something like incidental expenses), use the prefix ResvCharges_ followed by the charge type you want to use.

Table 2. PDF Field Formatting

Field Name


Guest Last Name


Guest First Name


Confirmation Number


Arrival Date (Note: dates must be formatted as MM/DD/YY or YYYY-MM-DD)


All Charges


Room & Tax




Food & Beverage


Guest Amenity


Banquet Charge