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Next Gen Authorization Maintenance

You can perform maintenance activities as a Sertifi Admin or higher. Folder maintenance activities include:

Folder Maintenance Page

Click View, and then View Authorizations. Navigate to the folder you'd like to update, and then click on the folder name.

Navigate to the folder you'd like to update, and then click on the folder name.


You'll then be brought to the Folder Maintenance page for the folder you selected.

Managing Participants

To update a participant's email address:

  1. Click the blue pencil icon next to the participant's name.

  2. Enter the new email address.

  3. Click the checkmark icon to save.

  4. Optional, but recommended – click the blue envelope icon to send an invitation to the participant's new email address.

To remove a participant, click the red X circle icon next to a participant's name.

View/Unmask Credit Card Information


In order to view credit card information, your account must be assigned to a security group with that permission. See more in Configure & Edit Security Settings.

  1. In the Folder Maintenance page, find the authorization for which you'd like to see credit card information.

  2. On the right, underneath the Action column, click the blue eye icon.

  3. A verification window will pop up, prompting you to enter a PIN number. This PIN number will be sent to the email address associated with your Sertifi account.

  4. Enter the PIN number. You'll then have 60 seconds with which to view credit card information.

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