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eAuthorizations Account Setup

After you complete your implementation call with your Sertifi Customer Success Manager, you can begin your onboarding process. Your onboarding process includes the setup of your Sertifi eAuthorizations portal, along with training led by your Sertifi Customer Success Manager for you and your team.

Before you can begin your training sessions, you must complete the Sertifi eAuthorizations Checklist. This helps walk you through the necessary steps to get your portal up and running and ready for training.


The items in the onboarding checklist must be completed by a Sertifi Super Admin role, since this is the only role with adequate permissions to add users and adjust general account settings.

To get started, complete the following tasks:

Logging In

To start your onboarding checklist, log into your Sertifi portal. Your portal URL should appear similar to the following: For example:

You can't log in to your portal by navigating to or by following links to


It's a best practice to bookmark the home page for your Sertifi portal for easy access.

Configure Credit Card Authorizations

To configure credit card authorizations for eAuthorizations, send your credit card authorization form in either Microsoft Word or PDF format to your Sertifi Customer Success Manager.

Create Accounts for Your Users

Each person you want to grant access to the Sertifi portal requires a user account. Users can be assigned to be a Sertifi Admin, Auditor, Power Admin, or Super Admin. For more information about the differences between various Role types, read our guide.

Add Users to Security Groups

User roles should be assigned to security groups to determine if the user can view or edit payment information in the portal.

To add users to a security group:

  1. Navigate to Administration > Account Settings > Security Settings.

  2. Click the black silhouette icon man-silhouette-icon-30.jpg next to the security group name.

  3. Click Add Member.

  4. Ensure the admin account you'd like to add is active in the portal.

  5. Enter the email address (e.g. [email protected]) of the admin account you want to add, and then click Add.

  6. Repeat this process for each admin you would like to add to the security group.

Create an Allowed IP Address List

An Allowed IP Addresses list ensures that only the IP addresses you enter can access your portal.


The Allowed IP Address list is strictly exclusive; it's a best practice to verify that all of the necessary IP addresses are added, as otherwise some users may not be able to access the portal.

  • To create your Allowed IP Address List:

    1. Navigate to Administration >  Account Settings > Security Settings.

    2. Navigate to Restrict Access to Site by IP Address.

    3. Enter the description or name for the IP address you want to allow.

      • Example: United States IP addresses, Confirmed Merchant IPs, etc.

    4. Enter the IP Address in the Allowed IP Address box.

    5. Click the checkmark.

    6. Toggle the Restrict Access to Site by IP Address from Off to On.


    Do not add IP addresses starting with 10, 172, or 192, as this could inadvertently block you or other users from accessing the portal.

Adjust Default Reminders

Default Reminders and Notifications are set on your portal to automatically send signing reminders to your participants.

To change the settings for reminders, navigate to Administration > Account Settings > Default Reminders.

Adjust General Account Settings

General Account Settings ensure that your portal is customized and operates just the way you like it.

To change your General Account Settings, navigate to Administration > Account Settings > Account Settings.