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Sertifi eAuthorizations and OPERA

Sertifi offers a direct plugin with Oracle Hospitality OPERA which enables straight-through payment processing by posting payment details directly to the OPERA system. This eliminates the risk of re-keying errors, prevents sensitive data exposure, and reduces administrative work.

  1. A guest receives a request from the Sertifi portal to submit their payment information for eAuthorization.

  2. The payment information gets posted directly to the payment gateway you use via a Direct Post API.

  3. The card verification, authorization code, token, and other details are securely returned to Sertifi from the payment gateway.

  4. Sertifi pushes the payment token or payment data and routing for authorized charges into your OPERA system. The data sent to OPERA includes:

    • Credit card data

    • Credit card token for tokenized systems

    • Comment of authorized charges or others

    • Alert

    • Trace

This entire process is performed with TLS 1.2+ encryption to protect all information flows and communication.

Get Started

To start using Sertifi eAuthorizations and OPERA:

  1. Contact your Oracle/Opera representative and give them the following product ID: 5100/041 / OPP-KSK.

  2. Gather the appropriate information (refer to Setting up your OPERA plugin)

  3. Contact your CSM to set up your plugin and provide them with details from your Oracle/Opera representative and perform testing.

  4. Create your signature documents with the appropriate OPERA fields.

  5. Monitor your OPERA transactions using the OPERA Status report.

Best Practices

As a best practice, you should pull your traces on a regular basis, and verify that the information for the trace is correct by either pulling up the traces in OPERA, or running a trace report.

Click the name of the reservation and set up Routing for the reservation using the information from the trace.

As a best practice, you should routinely check the OPERA Status Report in Sertifi to ensure that no reservations failed to create a trace in OPERA.