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Infor HMS Integration


The Infor integration is only available for customers using eForms in Sertifi Next Gen. If you aren't currently using Sertifi Next Gen, contact Support.

Installation Process

Infor Requirements
  • Infor Part Number HMS(-S)-WSI-084-SERT

  • HMS version or later; note that version numbers have changed, so the the latest version of HMS version may appear as 3.8.5.X or 2023.05.XX

Installation Requirements
  • Infor can only be used with the following payment gateways:

    • Shift4

    • Elavon Converge

    • CardConnect

    • FreedomPay (Token Type 0-99 is supported; note that Infor's token must match Sertifi's token.)

  • A new MID for Sertifi that must match the HMS MID.

  • Shared credit card tokens between Sertifi and Infor

Setup Instructions

Go to your portal’s Administration page. You will need the following information as provided by Infor:

  • Infor property ID – note that each property using Infor will have its own unique Infor property ID code.

  • Infor user ID

  • Infor URL

  • Infor password

What is Sertifi sending to Infor?
  • Credit card authorization information, including:

    • Credit Card Holder First Name

    • Credit Card Holder Last Name

    • Credit Card Token

    • Last 4 Digits of Credit Card

  • Reservation Note, which contains:

    • List of charges and special charge categories

    • Customer billing address and email address

    • Link back to the Sertifi signing room

    • Advanced Fraud Tools Score

    • eForm metadata

Frequently Asked Questions

What is the minimum version of Infor HMS that can be integrated with Sertifi?

As of August 2023, the earliest usable version is Version numbers have changed, so versions or 2023.05.XX are also accepted.

Which Sertifi platform does the Infor HMS integrate with?

Infor HMS only integrates with Sertifi Next-Gen.

Which Sertifi applications does the Infor HMS integration work with?

Presently, the Infor HMS integration only functions with Sertifi's Next-Gen eForms. A property can still use PDF forms, but the authorizations will have to be managed manually.

What shared payment gateways are integrated with the Sertifi and Infor?

  • Shift4

  • Elavon Converge

  • CardConnect

  • FreedomPay (token types are 0-99; an ecommerce MID is needed, as all other versions are not supported.)

Which confirmation needs to be entered on the Sertifi Authorization form?

The Infor HMS confirmation number needs be entered on the Sertifi Authorization form.

Can Authorizations be applied to the Group Master?

Only Deposits can be applied to a Group Master. Infor does not support applying an Authorization token to the Group Master.

Is it possible to pay with multiple cards?

As of October 2023, this is not possible, as the authorization token from a second card will overwrite the first card applied to the reservation.

Does the billing information associated with the authorized credit card override the guest address?

The billing information is sent to the comments.

If the guest is already in-house, can the authorization be sent through the integration?

As of October 2023, this is not currently supported.

If a guest has already checked out, can the authorization be sent through the integration?

As of October 2023, this is not currently supported.