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Next Gen Payments

Sertifi Payments lets you add request payments and authorization when you send documents for signature.

You must have a payment gateway enabled to add payments or authorizations to your files. For more information about the available payment gateways and accepted payment types, see Sertifi Payment Gateways.

Adding Payments

To add a payment to a folder:

  1. Complete the workflow and fields necessary to send a file until you reach the Configure Sending Actions screen. See Send A Folder

  2. Click Add Payments/Authorizations

  3. The Add Payment window will pop up.

  4. Complete the following required fields:

    • Payment Name

    • Payment Amount

    • Payment Method (one or both can be checked)


      Payment Methods will only appear if enabled in the portal's account settings; otherwise, the default payment method is credit cards.

  5. Click Add Payment

  6. Proceed with the rest of the workflow. Your payment request will be sent with the document to be signed.

Payment Video Guide

Check the status of a payment

You can check the status of a payment in the Folder Maintenance section.

To quickly check on a payment status, take a look at the color of the border bar next to the payment's name.

  • A full grey bar indicates that no action has been taken on the payment.

  • A full green bar indicates that the payment has been submitted.