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Sending & Managing Event Contracts and Payments

In this learning path, you’ll learn all the steps to sending and finalizing e-signature and payment requests using Sertifi.

Topics Covered

  • 00:18 – Starting the workflow for sending a signature document

  • 05:20 – Reviewing folders containing documents you've sent for signature, and performing folder maintenance


While we recommend watching the complete tutorial video, you can use the video player bar to skip between sections.

For additional support, please reference documentation for e-signatures and payments.

e-Signatures and Authorizations

In lieu of payments, some properties may have the option to send $0 credit card authorization requests with signature documents to acquire a card in a PCI–compliant manner. The following video outlines the workflow for sending a document with an authorization request.

e-Signatures Only

Some portals may only allow you to send documents for signature without being able to add a payment or authorization. This video describes the workflow and folder maintenance process for such portals.