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Sertifi Next Generation Release Notes

This article contains summaries of the bug fixes, feature enhancements, and new features for each version of Sertifi Next Generation.

Version 00.04.10 (May 2023)

  • Previously, the setting in which admins could require a user to log in before seeing signed documents was not functioning properlyl. This has been fixed; if enabled by an admin, users must log in to their portals in order to see signed documents. (ESIG-1521, ESIG-1961)

  • In the Send a Message feature in the Next Gen signing interface, each user's icon is now represented by a different color so that it's easier to determine who sent a particular message. (ESIG-1730)

  • When Admins resend invitation emails to participants, they will receive confirmation that the emails have been sent. (ESIG-1960)

Version 00.04.09 (May 2023)

  • Previously, a cloned ACH payment would be automatically marked as Paid, even if no funds had been transferred. This has been fixed; cloned ACH payments now automatically appear as Pending. (PAY-2694)

  • When sending a payment in Sertifi Next Gen, the payment form would not load if the only selected payment method was Stripe ACH. This has been fixed. (PAY-2696/PAY-2871)

  • The field for Bank Account has been hidden from use on authorization forms. (PAY-2795)

Version 00.04.08 (April 2023)

  • Previously, portals using the Next Gen interface would sometimes direct users to the Sertifi Classic interface when they attempted to create a new signature folder. This has been fixed. (ESIG-1833)

Version 00.04.07 (April 2023)

  • Admins can now select a default view for the View Folders page; they can select between seeing All Items or My Items. (ESIG-1701)

  • Super Admins can now select which signing options (typing or drawing a signature) are available to their users. These options can be designated as the default for the entire portal, or configured on an individual basis for each new folder. (ESIG-1781)

  • Previously, if a folder contained one or more Carbon Copy participants, and the signature process was completed, the email containing the signed documents would be sent to all participants using the "To:" field, instead of using the CC field for the designated CC participants. This has been fixed. (ESIG-1785)

Version 00.04.06 (April 2023)

  • Previously, a user would sometimes not be redirected to the folder page after a payment was completed. This has been fixed. (ESIG-1725)

  • If a participant signed a document but closed the browser window before seeing the message indicating a successful signature, the next participant would not be notified that it was their turn to sign. To prevent this, participants are now greeted with a warning message if they attempt to close the browser window before the signature is successfully applied. (ESIG-1811)

  • Previously, an error would result if a participant attempted to view files that were uploaded by other participants, even if they had the requisite permissions to do so. This has been fixed. (ESIG-1815)

Version 00.04.05 (March 2023)

  • In Folder Maintenance, if a participant added a comment in the Comments section, and the comment had an attachment, the attachment could neither be viewed or deleted. This has been fixed; users can now view or delete attachments. (ESIG-1677)

  • If a payment request is being sent with documents for signature, and the folder contains multiple participants, then by default, the payment can be completed by any participant unless the payment is assigned to a specific participant. To designate a participant for the payment, select them from the Requested Payer dropdown in the Add Payment menu. A Requested Payer can also be added or changed in the Folder Maintenance page. (ESIG-1722)

  • Previously, the Folder Certificate displayed an old version of the Sertifi logo. This has been fixed. (ESIG-1729)

  • During the folder creation workflow, instructions for adding new participants have been updated and clarified. (ESIG-1767)

  • Tooltips have been added for icons in the Folder Maintenance page. (ESIG-1771)

  • The View Folders page has been updated so that it can be shared with search filters applied; as an example, if the page is sorted by folder creation date, and a link to the page is then shared with someone, they would then be brought to the page with the folders already sorted by creation date. (AUTH-1010)

  • In the Next Gen API, a request for updating Recent Conversations would occasionally pull down incorrect or irrelevant folders. This has been fixed and no longer occurs. (AUTH-1058)

  • A bug fix was applied so that at the end of the folder creation process, the confirmation page would correctly display "You created [folder name]". (AUTH-1079)

Version 00.04.04 (March 2023)

  • Additional Input Fields would sometimes not appear in Folder Maintenance if they were enabled, but not used or filled out, during the folder sending process. This has been fixed. (ESIG-1728)

  • Previously, admins were able to request payments equal to or greater than $1 million USD; this is no longer possible. (ESIG-1774)

  • The setting for Can Delete Folders wasn't functioning properly in custom Security Groups, leading to instances where an admin could delete a folder even if they didn't have permission to do so. (ESIG-1786)

Version 00.04.03 (February 2023)

  • New: payments can now be left open and unassigned, so that any participant in the folder can fulfill the payment. Previously, if a payment was assigned to a participant who was later deleted or otherwise removed from the payment request, the payment would be automatically reassigned to different participant. This has been updated; now, if a payment is not assigned to any participant, then anyone in the folder can fulfill the payment request. (ESIG-1627)

  • Status emails are now automatically sent for ACH payments. These emails automatically notify a user if their payment is pending, successful, or returned (failed). (ESIG-1673)

  • A bug prohibited some users from accessing documents through passthrough links; this has been fixed. (ESIG-1706)

  • The fields for External ID 1 and External ID 2 now appear with the proper default values; previoulsy, they sometimes appeared empty. (ESIG-1656)

  • Users can now duplicate files. (ESIG-1667)

  • Previously, a participant added during folder setup would receive invitation and reminder emails, even if they were deleted before the folder was sent for signature. This also occurred if a participant was added and later replaced before the folder was sent. In all cases, this has been fixed; a folder and signature documents will only be sent to the participants who are intended to receive it. (ESIG-1668)

  • Timestamps in the Folder Maintenance are now synced with the portal's configured time zone. (ESIG-1670, ESIG--1682, ESIG-1719)

  • Previously, clicking on alert in the My Alert section would not take you to the folder that generated the alert. This has been fixed; when clicking on an alert, you are automatically brought to the accompanying folder. (ESIG-1680)

  • Previously, if an additional 1st-level signer was added to a folder, other 1st-level signers would receive unnecessary notification emails. This no longer occurs. (ESIG-1681)

  • If attempting to upload an unsupported file type, users now receive an error message. (ESIG-1687)

  • New - admins now receive a warning screen if they are attempting to remove a participant with documents left to sign or payments to make. (ESIG-1697)

  • New - for Additional Input Fields, the Search function now offers a search criteria for "Starts With". (ESIG-1710)

Version 00.04.02 (January 2023)

  • Previously, if all the tasks in a folder had been completed, but a new task was added, folder owners couldn't re-invite their participants to complete the new task. This has been fixed; if a new task is added to a folder, owners can now send new invitation emails to their participants. (ESIG-1678)

  • Admins would sometimes receive a 400 error when attempting to refund a payment for a second time, or attempting to clone a refunded payment. This has been fixed. (ESIG-1683)

  • Users would sometimes receive a 500 error when attempting to add a new participant to a completed folder. This no longer occurs. (ESIG-1716)

  • When adjusting criteria in advanced search, admins were receiving the same results despite changing search criteria. This has been been fixed; search results now vary according to the criteria used. (ESIG-1700)

  • If a document's name exceeds the allowed character length, users are now notified via an error message. (ESIG-1565)

  • When writing comments in folders, users can now read what they've written after writing it as the text is being posted to the comment section. Previously, written text would disappear while it was being posted to the folder comment section. (ESIG-1640)

  • Users would sometimes be unable to submit documents after using pre-filled signature fields; this has been fixed. (ESIG-1660)

  • The Add Payment button was reported as unresponsive; this has been fixed. (ESIG-1696)

  • A bug resulted in 2nd-level signers being unable to sign documents even after all of the 1st-level signers had completed their required tasks. This has been fixed. (ESIG-1717)

Version 00.04.01 (January 2023)

  • When using Search by File Name, results are now displayed in alphabetical order. (ESIG-468)

  • The maximum length for a folder name is now 150 characters. (ESIG-753)

  • Previously, users could resend invitations for an expired folder from the participant card in View Folder. This has been fixed, and is no longer possible. (ESIG-784)

  • If a 2nd-level participant is also designated as a CC, they would occasionally be displayed as eligible for a reminder email too early in the signing process. For example, a 2nd-level signer would sometimes receive a reminder email before even the 1st-level signers had completed their signatures. This has been fixed; 2nd-level participants can only receive reminder emails after a certain amount of time has passed. (ESIG-801)

Version 0.03.24 (December 2022)

  • Admins can now view folders from the perspective of participants by accessing the Participant View function from the Folder Maintenance page. (EISG-535)

  • Previously, some timestamps weren’t updating if the portal’s time zone setting was changed. This has been fixed. (ESIG-1250)

  • Previously, some users were able to send payment requests despite not enabling any payment methods, making the payment request impossible to fulfill. This has been fixed. (ESIG-1343)

  • Confirmation numbers now appear in the Folder Maintenance window. (ESIG-1414)

  • In advanced search, admins can now search for folders via a folder owner’s name. (ESIG-1533)

  • Clone/refund icons were still appearing for payments even after the payment was completed. This no longer occurs. (ESIG-1536)

  • Default values for external ids now load properly in authorization forms. (ESIG-1274)

  • Occasionally, an activity status for Room Archived would display twice in the Folder Activity window. This no longer occurs. (ESIG-1433)

Version 0.03.23 (November 2022)

  • When using non-USD currencies, the correct currency symbol is now displayed. (ESIG-1349)

  • Previously, if an admin posted a comment on a folder, the comment itself would not appear in the corresponding notification email sent to folder participants. This has been fixed. (ESIG-1487)

Version 0.03.22 (November 2022)

  • The Sertifi logo in the footer of the application page has been updated to reflect the current logo. (ESIG-1399)

  • Previously, the landing page that would appear after a signer had finished signing the document contained a non-functional link for printing the documents. This has been fixed. (ESIG-1299)

Version 0.03.20 (October 2022)

  • Admins can now add participants to folders, even if the folder doesn’t currently contain documents. (ESIG-1477)

  • An error would sometimes result if a user was attempting to edit additional input fields. This has been fixed. (ESIG-1478)

  • An error would sometimes result if a user attempted to add a payment via the Folder Maintenance page. This has been fixed. (ESIG-1488)

Version 0.03.19 (October 2022)


The Sertifi platform was updated with various bug fixes and performance improvments.

Version 0.03.18 (September 2022)

  • Previously, an error would occur if a payment was added that contained an amount for a tenth of a penny (e.g. $1.899). This no longer occurs. (ESIG-1364)

  • When searching or reviewing remaining tasks in the Task tab, the tab now loads faster. (ESIG-1368)

Version 0.03.14 (July 2022)

  • PDFTron no longer randomly changes document fonts when converting Word files. (ESIG-1175)

  • Users can no longer enter payment due dates that have already passed (ESIG-1172, ESIG-1159)

  • When re-arranging actions in the Configure Sending Actions window, the selected action would expand into a new window, making it more difficult to move. This no longer occurs. (ESIG-1263)

  • Stripe webhook processing has been added; users can now see if a payment was successful or not even if the customer closes their browser window while the payment is processing. (PAY-1931)

Version 0.03.12 (June 2022)

  • Successful refunds were occasionally marked as Failed; this no longer occurs. (ESIG-1000)

  • The display for date and time information would sometimes not update with the corresponding local time. This has been fixed. (ESIG-1037)

  • Some Admin-level accounts were able to see folders for which they didn’t have permissions; this has been fixed. (ESIG-1038)

Version 0.03.09 (June 2022)

  • When reviewing folder information, some email addresses would occasionally overlap. This has been fixed. (ESIG-1083)

  • Previously, the Replace Document feature would not accept any kind of documents except for PDFs. This problem has been resolved and users can now upload non-PDF document types. (ESIG-1003)

Version 0.03.07 (May 2022)

  • Admins can now Expire All documents from the View Folder window. (ESIG-420)

  • A fix was implemented for a bug that would sometimes result when attempting to export a file to Excel. (ESIG-733)

  • Styling updates have been applied to the View Folder pages. (ESIG-983)

  • Animation in the Recent Activity section is smoother. (ESIG-990)

  • Admins can now view signer uploads that were uploaded via the Sertifi Classic interface. (ESIG-992)

  • Some email addresses would occasionally exceed the boundaries of a text bot, causing a visual big in the UI. This has been fixed. (AUTH-523)

  • The address book now allows for email addresses containing up to 100 characters. Previously, the limit was 50. (AUTH-602)

Version 0.03.04 (March 2022)

Agreements Platform (eSignatures, ePayments)
  • Previously, users would sometimes receive a 500 Error when attempting to add a new signer to the first signing level via Folder Maintenance. This no longer occurs. (ESIG-943)

  • When reviewing eAuthorization records, the user interface would occasionally collapse if a user scrolled down, making it difficult to see the record. This has been fixed. (ESIG-934)

Version 0.03.03 (March 2022)

Agreements Platform (eSignatures, ePayments)
  • In the Folder Maintenance window, the Event Date and Expire Date fields would occasionally cause a visual distortion depending on the user's device screen size. This has been fixed. (ESIG-879)

  • Previously, users could delete folders containing documents that were declined for signature by one or more signers. This is no longer possible; folders can only be archived if they have already been sent for signature. (ESIG-881)

  • Some users were able to clone and refund payments despite not having the permissions to do so. This has been fixed. (ESIG-908)

Version 0.03.02 (February 2022)

Agreements Platform (eSignatures, ePayments)
  • Entries on the View Folders page can now be sorted according to column headers. (ESIG-869)

  • Tiles displaying portal metrics on the dashboard would occassionally not render properly. This has been fixed. (ESIG-851)

  • When working in Folder Maintenance, email addresses are automatically validated after being entered. If the email is not valid, a warning appears. (EISG-880)

  • If a folder name is too long to be fully displayed in View Folders, admins can now see the complete folder name in a tooltip by hovering the mouse over the folder name. (EISG-871)

  • A UI update was made to clarify how to change a participant's role when configuring a folder. (ESIG-850)

  • Previously, users were able to add participants out of sequence (e.g. adding 2nd level signers after initially sending a folder with only 1st and 3rd level signers). This has been fixed. (ESIG-673)

Version 0.03.01 (January 2022)

Agreements Platform (eSignatures, ePayments)
  • Folder names can now be a maximum length of 150 characters. (ESIG-753)

  • When searching by File Name, search results are now listed alphabetically. (ESIG-468)

  • Participants can no longer resend invitations from expired folders. (ESIG-784)

  • If a participant was added as both a 2nd-level signer and a CC, they would sometimes receive reminder emails too soon after receiving the initial signature request. This no longer occurs. (ESIG-801)

Version 0.02.24 (December 2021)

Agreements Platform (eSignatures, ePayments)
  • Bug fix: In a workflow with multiple participant groups, a fully-signed document would sometimes appear as being only partially-signed. This has been resolved. (ESIG-814)

  • Bug fix: A single participant added at multiple signing levels would occasionally not see all of their required signature fields. This no longer occurs. (ESIG-802)

  • Performance logging was added to consolidated document signing; this will help Sertifi ensure that the consolidated signing feature is functioning properly. (ESIG-800)

  • Bug fix: When using the Consolidated Signing feature, users would sometimes not receive a Discard Changes? pop-up window if they attempted to navigate away from the signing page before clicking Next Task/Finish, which could result in undoing their actions on the document. This no longer occurs. (ESIG-813)

  • The endpoint URL for the US Bank API was updated in both global settings and custom sites/settings. (PAY-1421)

  • A code refactor was performed for the Braintree integration to prevent a new customer being generated after every new payment submission (PAY-1406)

Authorizations Platform (eConfirmations, eAuthorizations)
  • If a failure occurs during a record push to Opera, the error thrown for the failure will now be displayed on the View eAuthorizations page (AUTH-365)

  • If an eAuthorization record fails to push to Opera due to incorrect information, admins can now update the erroneous information and re-push the record back into Opera. This new information is also updated in the back end so that a re-push is validated against correct information. (AUTH-366)

  • Previously, new eForms would be set to Public by default. This has been fixed; new eForms are set to Private upon creation. (AUTH-294)

  • Previously, Power Admins and Admins could update eForms created by Super Admins. For security purposes, this is no longer possible. (AUTH-342)

  • eForms now support notes of unlimited length. This is an improvement over the previous limit of 250 characters. (AUTH-336)

  • When changes are applied to eForms, the fields for "Created By", "Updated By", and "Updated On" now immediately refresh themselves in order to display the most accurate information. (AUTH-333)

  • Admin+ users can now hide Request information from public-facing eForms. (AUTH-293)

  • When editing CSS for an eForm, Admins can now enjoy an expanded editing modal, letting them easily scroll through the full CSS and make edits on the fly. (AUTH-292)

  • Admin+ users can now see payment information for eAuthorizations without having to go into the Folder Maintenance page. (AUTH-252)

  • Users would occasionally receive a 404 error when attempting to view folder details for eAuthorizations. This has been fixed. (AUTH-318)

Version 0.02.22 (November 2021)

  • Performance enhancements for added reliability and speed.

  • Development work continues on the Next Generation signing interface.

Version 0.02.21 (November 2021)

  • Performance enhancements for added reliability and speed.

  • Development work continues on the Next Generation signing interface.

Version 0.02.20 (October 2021)

  • Performance enhancements for added reliability and speed.

  • Development work continues on the Next Generation signing interface.

Version 0.02.19 (October 2021)

  • Development work continues on the Next Generation signing interface.

  • Bug fixes and performance improvements

Version 0.02.18 (September 2021)

  • Development work continues on the Next Generation signing interface.

  • Bug fixes and performance improvements

Version 0.02.17 (September 2021)

  • Development work continues on the Next Generation signing interface.

  • Bug fixes and performance improvements

Version 0.02.16 (August 2021)

  • Development work continues on the Next Generation signing interface.

  • Bug fixes and performance improvements

Version 0.02.15 (August 2021)

  • Development work continues on the Next Generation signing interface.

  • Bug fixes and performance improvements

Version 0.02.14 (July 2021)

  • Development work continues on the Next Generation signing interface.

  • Bug fixes and performance improvements.

Version 0.02.13 (July 2021)

  • Development work continues on the Next Generation signing interface.

  • Bug fixes and performance improvements.

Version 0.02.10 (May 2021)

  • Admins are now able to view a receipt for a failed payment in Folder Maintenance.

  • Performance enhancements for added reliability and speed.

  • Development work continues on the Next Generation signing interface.

Version 0.02.08 (April 2021)

  • Previously, folders would expire at the incorrect time due to a bug related to the portal’s timezone settings. This has been fixed; folders now expire only after passing their expiration date based off the portal’s designated timezone.

  • When replacing a document, the option for "Transfer signing locations” now correctly transfers locations from the original document to the replacement document.

  • Performance enhancements for added reliability and speed.

  • Development work continues on the Next Generation signing interface.

Version 0.02.07 (April 2021)

  • In folders with multiple participants, documents were incorrectly being marked as fully-signed even if there were signatures missing from one or more participants. This has been fixed; partially-signed documents are now marked accordingly.

Version 0.02.06 (March 2021)

  • Fixes for a bug in which a folder would display incorrect information about recent participant activity (Last Invited date/time, Last Visited date/time)

Version 0.02.05 (March 2021)

  • When adding a payment to a folder, the "add payment" button is now disabled after the payment is added.

  • Payments can no longer be deleted if they've been paid.

  • Bug fixes for the Replace Document feature.

  • If a document was declined for signature, the activity would display two or more times in the Recent Activity section. A similar issue would also occur when a payment was submited to a folder containing multiple payments. The issue has been fixed and the Recent Activity section on the Dashboard should now accurately reflect folder activity.

  • Admins who don't have permission to edit payments can no longer delete payments in Folder Maintenance.

  • Performance improvements for added reliability and speed.

Version 0.02.04 (February 2021)

  • Performance enhancements for added reliability and speed.

  • The removal of a user from a folder will now be recorded and displayed in the Activity Log.

  • Development work continues on the Next Generation signing interface.

Version 0.02.02 (January 2021)

  • The functionality for Duplicate Folder has been restored. In folders where duplication is enabled, users can locate the Duplicate Folder action on the Folder Maintenance page under Folder Actions.

  • Development work continues on the Next Generation signing interface.

Version 0.2.01 (January 2021)

  • Bulk Send is now available. Power Admins and Super Admins can now mass create signature documents and folders for sending to participants. To explore this feature, hover the mouse over Create New and then click Bulk Send. If you’d like to enable Bulk Send for your portal, contact your Customer Success Manager.

  • A notice was added to clarify that Sertifi Next Generation is only available for portals using eSignatures or ePayments. Access to eAuthorizations in NextGen will be added later in 2021.

  • Previously, if a user clicked the More Actions menu option on an archived folder, they would see a Delete Folders action. This has been fixed. Now, if a user can no longer take any action on a particular folder, the More Actions menu option will no longer appear.

  • When reviewing the metric for Documents requiring your signature, users would see documents or folders for which they were a participant, but not a signer. This no longer occurs.

  • Users would see a blank page when attempting to navigate to Folder Maintenance while not logged in. This no longer occurs. If a user isn't logged in when trying to access Folder Maintenance, they're taken to the login page and can then log in normally. Afterward, they will be navigated to the Folder Maintenance page.

Version 0.23 (November 2020)

  • Previously, an error would occur if uploading a document larger than 4MB.

  • You can now upload documents larger than 4MB and up to 20MB.

  • The Sign Now button no longer appears in Folder Maintenance for a document that the folder owner has to countersign if they have already signed the document. Also, the option no longer displays if it's NOT yet the folder owner's turn to sign.

  • A caching issue in Internet Explorer would result in a user having access to profile information for a different user. This no longer occurs.

Version 0.21 (November 2020)

  • Previously, some admins would be returned to the portal selection screen upon logging out, or being returned to the portal without actually logging out. This has been fixed, and admin accounts now fully log out when the user elects to log out.

Version 0.20 (October 2020)

  • When clicking on the Documents About to Expire metric on the Dashboard page, View Folders will now display the correct results.

Version 0.17 (August 2020)

What's Been Fixed

  • Some admins were unable to switch between Next Generation and Classic due to an issue in their My Profile settings. This has been resolved, and admins should be able to switch freely between Next Generation and Classic (if switching is enabled by an admin).

  • After sending a folder for signature, certain participants that were removed from the workflow would reappear from time to time at random stages of the workflow setup process.

  • When trying to select a payment method for a payment request, users would receive an error saying “The request is invalid."

What's New

  • Super Admins now have access to an interface choice setting for their portal. This setting allows Super Admins to select the interface their portals will use - Classic, Next Generation, or Admin Choice. Admin Choice enables individual Admins to determine which interface they would like to use. This setting can be found in Account Settings.

  • Users can now directly access Next Generation support documentation from the Next Generation Portal by clicking on either the Help & Support icon in the upper right OR using the link in the "WE'D LOVE TO HEAR FROM YOU" section.

Version 0.13 (July 2020)

  • User interface updates were made to the toggle links, making it easier for users to switch between Sertifi Classic and Sertifi Next Generation.

  • For eSignature and ePayment portals, Super Admins can now choose for their portals to use either the Sertifi Classic or Sertifi Next Generation user interfaces. Super Admins can also give Admins the ability to choose between Sertifi Classic or Sertifi Next Generation. This functionality will become available in eAuthorization portals later this year.

Version 0.12 (July 2020)

  • Previously, Admins would see the same email template when previewing emails, regardless of the group selected. This has been fixed; admins will now see the correct email template for the selected group when previewing the email before sending.