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Travel Company Authorizations

Sertifi Travel Company Authorizations powers seamless B2B payment delivery between travel companies.

Travel management companies, virtual card providers, and travel suppliers can use our flexible API solution to securely and efficiently deliver booking details to hotels. Complete travel booking details, including payments and essential guest information, are sent to the hotel's Sertifi portal.

The hotel then uses their Portal to securely access payment data for PMS entry and payment processing. There’s also an option to push booking details and payment data directly into the Reservation within Oracle Hospitality OPERA for payment processing.

Viewing Travel Company Authorizations

In Next Gen, travel company authorizations can be found on the View Authorizations page, which can be accessed by clicking View, and then clicking View Authorizations.


From here, you'll be able to see the travel company authorizations that were sent to your portal. Any records that were delivered as part of a Travel Company Authorization will be marked with Travel Company Authorization in the Source column.



If you can't see any travel company authorizations, be sure you're reviewing all of the folders in your portal by clicking All Items underneath View Authorizations.

To access a particular travel company authorizations, click the caret icon in the Status column next to the confirmation's Folder Name.

Processing Travel Company Authorizations

When viewing a travel company authorization record, you can immediately see the most important information for a guest's visit to your property, including their name, confirmation number, email address, and phone number. You'll also see details about the company that sent the confirmation to you, listed under Payment Information.

For Properties Using a Connected PMS

The payment information should already be present in your PMS, unless the travel company authorization is marked as Needs Attention.

To resolve a travel company authorization marked as Needs Attention, review the information in the confirmation with what's listed in your PMS. Then click Re-Push. You will be greeted with a pop-up window notifying you if the process either succeeds or fails.

For Properties Not Using a Connected PMS

All travel company authorizations that arrive in your portal will be listed under the Needs Attention status.

To process a travel company authorization:

  1. Access the travel company authorization record.

  2. Find the accompanying reservation in your PMS.

  3. Manually enter all of the necessary confirmation details into your PMS, including the card number. For guidance on how to unmask a credit card number, see unmasking an authorization credit card number.

  4. When you're finished working with this authorization and want to mark it as processed, click Mark as Processed.


    Note that marking a confirmation as Processed will only change its status in your Sertifi portal; this doesn't actually initiate a payment or authorization on the payment card in the confirmation.