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eConfirmations Report

When new eConfirmations are available, you and designated team members are notified by email. You can access the eConfirmations Report within your Portal to view travel bookings made by travel companies and virtual card providers.

eConfirmations Report Video Guide
How to Access your eConfirmations Report
  1. Login to your portal.

  2. Navigate to Home, then click eConfirmations.

    • When new eConfirmations are available for review, you'll see an icon with a red exclamation point on your main portal page. new_conf.pngIf there are no new eConfirmations, an icon with a green checkmark will appear on your main portal page. no_new_conf.png


    eConfirmations Reports can only be accessed by Super Admins and Power Admins.

  3. The report shows a centralized list of all eConfirmations. Here, you can filter the report to only view eConfirmations by:

    • Transaction ID Number

    • Confirmation Number

    • Guest Last Name

    • Guest First Name

    • Signer's Email Address

    • Processed

    • Active

You can use the search bars at the top of the report to easily search for specific eConfirmations.


The report can also be sorted by clicking the name of individual columns. You can sort the report by:

  • Transaction ID

  • Status (Active or Processed)

  • Created Date

  • Confirmation # (the Confirmation Number)

  • Guest Last Name

  • Guest First Name

  • Arrival Date (the date the guest is expected to arrive)

  • Signer's Email

Access Payment Data

To view payment data for individual eConfirmations:

  1. Click the blue information button to the right of the eConfirmation to view more detailed information.

  2. Once you click the blue information button, the Reservation Window will appear. The Reservation Window shows the Guest and Payment Information.


    Make note of the Record Source so you know which travel management company, virtual card provider, or other travel company sent you the eConfirmation.

  3. Click the blue credit card icon to view payment data.

  4. To finish accessing payment information, enter the verification PIN sent to you via email. Then click Verify.

  5. After completing the two-step verification, the payment data will appear, and you can transfer it your PMS.


    With the standard solution, Sertifi stores data for a set period of time before it's removed from the system. Extended payment data visibility and storage is available via upgrade. Contact [email protected] for more information.