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Classic eConfirmations


Beginning May 2024, eConfirmations throughout Sertifi will be rebranded as Travel Company Authorizations. This change will be reflected in the following locations:

  • Portal home page

  • Portal reporting

  • Account settings

  • Integration settings

  • Security group settings

  • Email notifications

Sertifi eConfirmations powers seamless delivery of B2B payment information between travel companies.

Travel management companies, virtual card providers, and travel suppliers can use our flexible and open API solution to securely and efficiently deliver complete booking details to hotels. Complete travel booking details, including payments and essential guest information, are sent to the hotel's Sertifi portal.

The hotel then uses their Portal to securely access payment data for PMS entry and payment processing. There’s also an option to push booking details and payment data directly into the Reservation within Oracle Hospitality OPERA for payment processing.