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Advanced Fraud Tools

Sertifi Advanced Fraud Tools automatically assess new transactions for signs of potential fraud.

Advanced Fraud Tools are currently only available for transactions in eAuthorization workflows in Sertifi Classic.

Using Advanced Fraud Tools

When evaluating an eAuthorization, Advanced Fraud Tools will automatically run in the background and provide a score for a transaction. No further action is required on your part.


Advanced Fraud Tools feature will never enable or disable the ability to proceed with a transaction. Always refer to your organization’s policies before making a decision.

Understanding Your Score

For each payment in a given contract, you'll see an assigned letter grade within the Fraud Score column. This grade is an estimation of the overall safety of the transaction.

  • Transactions rated A, B, or C have been determined to have a lower level of risk.

  • Transactions with D grades are notably affected by one or more risk factors.

  • The riskiest transactions are rated F.

Multiple factors are considered when determining a transaction’s Fraud Score. These factors include, but are not limited to:

  • Payment card

  • Merchant ID

  • Authorization status (approved/not approved)

  • Billing address

  • AVS/CVV verification

  • Payer email address

  • Payer IP address